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Why PediaGold ?

  • While feeding the children, the most common issue everyone face is “Fussy Eating” . Fussy eating can affect children’s nutrition intake and dietary quality and, as a consequence, negatively impact their growth and development.
  • Thus Hexagon Nutrition has come up with a completely balanced nutrition supplement for kids that is PediaGold.
  • Main objective of Pediagold is Adequate and appropriate diet should be taken by children both in health and disease.
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With PediaGold your child can have improved performance at school, fewer sick days and optimum brain development leading to healthy adulthood.

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Enrich your health with PediaGold plus

PediaGold Plus

Enrich your health with PediaGold plus

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Product is suitable for

Children's (2-14 years of age) who do not consume milk and milk products, may suffer from deficiency of calcium. As the child grows older and more independent, they exhibit fussy eating which may hamper their nutritional goals. Consuming a high quality balanced supplement like PediaGold may help bridge the nutrient gaps.


(2-3 years)


(3-5 years)

Middle Childhood

(6-11 years)

Young Teens

(12-14 years)
Growth Requirements

Nutritional Requirements
for your child

Optimum nutrition is important for growth and development of children. Good nutrition begins in the womb and is nurtured during the growing phase of 2-16 years.
Children ages 1 to 2 years old should be eating solid foods. Breast-feeding can be continued at this age, but solid food should be the main source to fulfill energy needs. Children should be eating a well balanced diet, similar to that of an adult, with a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein source foods, and low-fat dairy.
Include a fruit and/or vegetable at every meal. Fresh, frozen, and canned produce are all good options. Half of the grains eaten should be
whole grains.
• For children 2-3 years old, this
should be 1.5 ounce equivalents
Include a fruit and/or vegetable at every meal. Fresh, frozen, and canned produce are all good options.
Half of the grains eaten should be
whole grains.
• For children 4-8 years old, this
should be 2.5 ounce equivalents
Fats from healthy sources must be present to enable the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamins A, E and D. Milk and milk products, or soy milk and soy products, should be a daily part of the diet, as should legumes.

Nutrition offered by pediagold for child

Nutrition is critical during growth phase. PediaGold offers 100% whey protein, and all essential amino acids necessary for the child’s proper growth and development.

More Nutrients than other drinks

Provides 42 vital nutrients as compared to just 19 nutrients provided by other drinks.

Physical Improvements

• Builds immunity against illness
• Optimizes height and weight
• Supports brain development

Reduces Sickness

• Reduces incidence of infections
• Reduces number of sick days
• Improves energy levels

Complete Nutrition for fussy eater

Provides complete nutrition for children's who do not eat well

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