30 Healthy Snack Options Your Kids Would Love

April 20, 2022

After over 2years of online schooling, we are finally back to regular full-time schooling. Which gets us back to the most frequently asked question, what’s for tiffin?

We live in times where we are always on the go; less energetic body and occupied minds give us lesser space for peaceful thinking, leaving little to no space to even plan our kid’s meal/snack. Which makes us opt for convenient options on the rack. 

Are you curious about planning your child’s meal? Are you furious about the options available outdoor? 

Children are generally fussy with the food in front of them. Probably because they are offered fewer variety, and hence they fuss about eating the same snack over again. Or because the food outside is more appealing than the food prepared at home.

When we think of “healthy snacking” for kids all we think of is raw salads, boiled vegetables, fruit/vegetable juices etc. which is not it, there are various snack options or easy recipes available. Which kids can fuss freely indulge and are nutritious for their growth and development.

Nutrition plays an important role during the early phase of life and nourishing our kids daily during childhood will have an impact on their overall health in the future. Snacks available on rack are high in fat, carbohydrates and preservatives, providing little to no nutrient required for the growing kids. 

There’s no more “what for snacks?” here’s a 30 healthy wholesome snacking idea you can note on your calendar for your daily preparation or on days your time bound to prepare your kids snack. The ingredients are easily available; in fact, most are daily staples.

The list below is easy to prepare, time saving and light to carry along and store. It’s a best way to incorporate variety in a kid’s diet. Apart from being easy to prepare, they most importantly are nutritious which will contribute to nutrient requirement in the growing kid. 

  • Besan Laddu’s – Nutritious laddu’s with chickpea flour, ghee, sugar/jaggery, dry fruits (optional); power pack with nutrients. Easy to pick and eat and light to carry along. 
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  • Dates stuffed with ground almonds paste mixed ghee – Easy to prepare and requires 5-10mins to prepare. Enriched with nutrients required for overall health, appearance like chocolate which tempts the child to eat.
  • Fresh cut fruits in different shapes – Colors are always appealing and refreshing to the mind, cut them in shapes. Can also be sprinkles with mild spices.
  • Mixed dry fruits – Raisins, cashews, walnut, almonds, cherries – a mixed trial would tempt the kid taste everything in the tiffin.
  • Flavored milk or lassi – Milk is a complete nutrition food. A packed bottle/glass of milk flavored with chocolate or syrups of choice is also a good nutritious and time saving option. Lassi on the other hand have probiotics like effect which is beneficial for gut health. This is also a best option when the temperature rises high.
  • Thepla – A whole wheat-chickpea flour base with added spices and fenugreek/grated carrots/vegetable of choice is a wholesome option for kids, in a whole it’s an any day satiating snack option.
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  • Khakra – Crunchy wholesome snack prepared with spices and vegetable of choice, can also be complimented with a dip.
  • Roasted makhana – Crunchy texture and easy to prepare by roasting them in small quantity of ghee, can be prepared sweet or savory. Best option for replacing the packaged chips.
  • Banana/ apple/ jackfruit chips- Can either be fried, baked or sundried and stocked in an air tight container. They are nutrient rich and could boost the overall health of the kid.  
  • Homemade nachos with spices – Can be prepared of whole wheat/ millets/chickpea flout and spiced with herbs, nutritious option to replace packaged foods. Can be pre-prepared and stored in air tight container. Can be complemented with a dip.
  • Nutrient balls made of nuts and coconut – Nutritious snack option, a small ball is nutrient dense, satiating and easy to pack and carry along. Helps in overall growth and development of the kid. Can also be flavored with chocolate or flavor of choice.
  • Besan/chickpea chela – Easy to prepared instant chickpea flour crepe, can be combined with spices or can be consumed with sweet like a honey drizzle, as per choice.
  • Roasted legumes/pulses – Fun to pick and eat, nutrient packed and flavored with herbs and spices.
  • Whole wheat/Amaranth/Millet pancakes with Honey drizzle  
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  • Whole wheat chapati’s with ghee and drizzle of sugar – Traditional snack option which is every adult’s childhood favorite.
  • Sheera/semolina with dry fruits – Roasted in ghee and dry fruits, a sweet delicacy, loaded with nutrients.
  • Rice/ Sabudana kheer – For instant source of energy and strength
  • Dry bhel– Nutritious and a good snack option, can be combined with roasted pulses/legumes
  • Dalia – Broken grain of wheat, can be prepared as sweet or savory snack.
  • Potato/Sweet potato chips – Baked, Rich in vitamin and minerals, a good alternate for packaged chips.
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Bihari sattu laddoo
  • Millet flakes/Puffs chiwda or bars – sweet or savory can be combined with herbs and spices
  • Cheese slice/triangle – Nutrient packed, satiating snack option, can also be paired with bread or chapatti to make a sandwich. 
  • Amaranth kheer – Sweet delicacy, loaded with nutrients.
  • Boiled corn – Fiber rich and satiating snack option.
  • Instant crepe of rice/millet –  Can be prepared either as a sweet drizzled with honey or savory spices.  
  • Sattu laddu – Nutritious laddu’s prepared with combination of flours, ghee, sugar/jaggery, dry fruits (optional); power packed with nutrients. Easy to pick and eat and light to carry along.
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  • Semolina laddu – Nutritious and easy to carry snack.
  • Chapatti with jam or spread of choice 
  • Flavoured yoghurt – flavored and creamy texture kids wouldn’t resist.
  • Boiled eggs – Can be sprinkled with spices or can be paired with bread to make a sandwich.

Tips to game up the snacks box:

  • Keep it simple, easy to carry around and eat
  • Include a protein source like dal, pulses, legumes, eggs, nuts in the recipes. Always include a combination of cereal-pulse in the diet for better protein availability. 
  • Start with small portions, modify as per food gaps and taste
  • Offer variety of fruits and vegetables in the diet, a diverse meal is nutritionally denser. Introduce them to regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables at an early age. 
  • Keep it colorful to add all antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in the diet. 
  • Get creative shape/cut them to look appealing eg. shapes of animals
  • Pack them fancy, offer different textures
  • Add dash of spice/seasoning or sweet eg. Cocoa powder or pepper to enhance flavor/color
  • Pair the food with a little treat eg. Drizzle of honey
  • Modify the traditional recipes and to make them more nutrient dense. For eg- Add lots of veggies to an uttapam or add more urad dal to idli batters to increase the protein content. 

by Nadia D’souza

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